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Climate in Australia and New Zealand

Tired of Northern Winters?  Then Come to Australia and Get Out of the Cold!

Australia is roughly the size of the continental United States and has a variety of climates, but it has no snow!  It is a coastal country, thanks to the dryness of much of its interior, with most of its population living within 20km of the coast between southern Queensland and Adelaide.  This vast continent boasts a sunny climate and its people have a healthy love of the outdoors (those famous backyard "barbies" play a central part of life here).  

In South Australia, Adelaide enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and cool winters.  In Mebourne, located in the state of Victoria, the climate is cool but without snow.  Temperatures range from 40 degrees to 55 degrees in the winter and from 70 degrees to 90 degrees in the summer.  In Sydney, located on the southeast end of the continent, the weather is humid but with a temperate climate.

If you are tired of shoveling snow from your driveway or don't want to swelter through another Florida summer, why not retire here?   Come enjoy the warmth and hospitality of Australia!

Clean, fresh, green, uncrowded and reminiscent of a time when things cost less, the pace of life was slower, and people seemed friendlier to one another. A New Zealand lifestyle is more possible than you may think.