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Why Retire in Australia or New Zealand?

As the baby boomers start to retire, they are looking to destinations at home and abroad.  No longer are they content to stay in the same state where they lived working and raising children.  With more disposable income than generations before, many soon-to-be retirees are seeking a warm climate and a lower cost-of-living, mixed with a little adventure.  For many, Australia fits the bill, with its excellent bargains, top-notch health care and breathtaking scenery.  Ever thought about retiring in the Land Down Under?  

It may seem far away, but with the internet today, a computer and a modem connects you to the rest of the world.  All of Australia's major cities are within an hour or two by plane.   The infrastructure is sound, and the government is stable.  There are plenty of bank and loan services in Australia so you will never  be lost in that department.  There is shopping, cable TV and plentiful recreation.   You'll also find an abundance of space, lots of social clubs to join if you choose and a "livability" not found in other places.     The Australian people are warm and generous, and a nice perk is that they adore North Americans!  The Gold Coast in particular, located on the southeast coast of Queensland, attracts thousands of retirees as it offers warm temperatures and plenty to do and see.

If you haven't considered Australia for retirement, now is the time to give it some thought!

Clean, fresh, green, uncrowded and reminiscent of a time when things cost less, the pace of life was slower, and people seemed friendlier to one another. A New Zealand or Australia lifestyle is more possible than you may think.