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Visa for Australia or New Zealand

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime?  Then come to Australia!  Whether you come to visit the world famous and stunning Outback in Western Australia or the Barossa Valley, one of the premier wine producing regions in the world, or any other destination in this diverse country, you will find friendly people, a love of the outdoors and a love of life not found elsewhere.  

Immigration to Australia is relatively easy. The country has a Temporary Residence program that lets visitors come to Australia for a variety of purposes, including retirement.

 The 410 Retirement Visa provides for the extended temporary stay of people wishing to retire in Australia.

The 411 Exchange Visa allows for the entry of skilled persons under exchange arrangements that provide Australian residents with reciprocal opportunities overseas.

The 418 Educational Visa is for the temporary entry of academics, teachers and lecturers who have been appointed to educational or research institutions in Australia where positions cannot be filled from the local labor market.

The 420 Entertainment Visa is for people undertaking a wide range of social and cultural entertainment activities in Australia. 

There are several more types of visas available as well.

If you love adventure, you'll love Australia.  If you love Australia, then consider retiring here.  Expatriates who have chosen this Land Down Under for their golden years rave about its warm climate and low cost-of-living.  Isn't it time to check out the possibility of an Australian retirement?